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  • Simplicity with A Twist

    Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of our Modern Natural Edge Black Walnut Dining Table, as it contains plenty of designer elements that are so seamlessly interwoven into the design that none shouts above all the others. The end result is a harmonious and elegant piece of furniture! One that will be a treasured focal point in any dining room, for years to come.

    link to the black walnut dining table.

    Bringing out the best in the materials

    It takes skill and a practiced hand to be able to combine rustic touches. Touches that frequently get associated with solid wood dining table designs with smooth contemporary detailing! However, we’ve managed it. Starting with the top, we take reclaimed black walnut that has been professionally kiln dried. We then fashion it into a shapely surface that allows the live edge of the wood to speak for itself. Amplified by the natural striations of the grain. The non-linear sides allow for a pared-back aesthetic that is sharply contrasted by what is happening underneath.

    In order to create a hybrid modern natural dining table with a rustic live edge, steel has been added to the base, but not in the way that you might expect. These are no ‘veneers’ of sheet metal! They are solid inlays, built into the very fabric of the support system, for a sleek transition from warm wood to chis steel. The final effect is striking yet subtle.

    link to the black walnut dining table

    A modern black walnut dining table, finished the old-fashioned way

    Wood is a responsive material and the move love it gets shown, the better, which is why our team of master craftsmen finish every one of our natural edge dining table designs by hand. Having taken the time to ensure the perfect level surface. The wood is then treated to four coats of high-quality clear coat! Which not only seals and protects the top from stains. It also allows the rich beauty to shine through. Walnut dining tabletops are so stunning that it would be negligent to finish ours in any way other than by hand! So, when yours arrives, you’ll know that it has been gently coaxed into revealing every beautiful variation in the grain! It will be all ready for your home.

    link to a walnut dining table

    Make it your own

    Despite being a hugely popular design, the Modern Natural Edge Black Walnut Dining Table is not a ready-to-ship item, with each piece being made to order, to exact specifications. We know that no two homes are the same! As such, neither are dimension requirements, which is why we take a more holistic approach to the ordering process. You can select the ideal length and width for your home. We will make it, right here in the USA, with only you in mind. When completed, we will then ship it, with no charge, to anywhere within the Contiguous 48 states.

    Here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we don’t believe that in anything less than a bespoke service, so whether you are looking for a live edge table or a contemporary bed frame, we want to make your design ambitions a reality.

  • Dining Furniture with An Edge

    Even the most talented of chefs will struggle to make food the star of the show with one of our Modern Rustic Live Edge Dining Table as a centerpiece of a dining room furniture set! Thanks to the heady combination of sleek, contemporary supports and paired back natural elements.

    link to the rustic modern dining table

    Classic design touches

    When it comes to timeless rustic design features, nothing beats a kiln-dried slab of gorgeous natural wood, with the live edge preserved. What’s more, this iconic feature can be the focal point of any number of furniture styles! This includes a modern dining table, when partnered with the right legs.

    Our Modern Rustic Live Edge Dining Table is the best of both worlds – the classic live edge top that everybody loves and the modern legs that make the piece come together as a whole and stand out from the crowd. However, don’t go thinking that this is an off-the-peg option. We tailor everything to your exact specifications.

    link to the rustic dining table

    Modern Rustic Dining Table, your way

    At the start of the ordering process, we ask you to tell us what you want by offering a choice of black walnut or cherry for the tabletop. We can also create a book-matched black walnut top, for that seamless symmetry. That effortlessly elevates a contemporary dining table into the realms of designer chic.

    With your wood selected, The planks are then specifically cut and dried to order, in line with your size requirements! Then, our expert craftsmen expertly join them! Next, we finish it with a minimum of four coats of protective clear coat. Sealing in the tabletop’s beauty and amplifying the natural grain of the solid wood! This hand-finishing allows your table to be given the fully bespoke touch. This technique results in a unique piece of furniture crafted in between six and eight weeks. This includes the book-matched walnut dining table option.

    link to the modern rustic dining table

    Standout touches

    It can’t have escaped your notice that the legs on this table are something special as well. Rarely can the supports of a modern dining table rival a solid wood top. However, in this case they really do.

    Unfussy and linear metal supports, finished in black, have been designed to perfectly house a section of organic root each. Therefore, book-ending the table with eye-catching and one-off installations. No two tables will ever be identical, thanks to the natural variation in the materials being showcased. What’s really shocking is that this design can integrate itself into any home décor scheme. The beauty of the natural wood makes this an ideal addition to any rustic property. However, with such striking design touches, even minimalist homes will be perfectly placed to showcase this design.

    Available to order in custom sizes, for millimeter-perfect dining room design. We create the Modern Rustic Live Edge Dining Table with your upmarket home in mind. From cottages and lodges through to ranches and cabins. No wood-loving home is complete without one of these statement pieces as a timeless focal point.

  • Traditional Style Built to Contemporary Standards

    Don’t fall into the trap of letting your bathroom be the interior space where you let your design credentials slip! It can be so easy to simply plump for the basics. Because, this isn’t a room that you spend huge amounts of time in. However, when it’s remarkably uncomplicated to inject some fabulousness, just with your choice of vanity, you’d be crazy not to. Let us show you this fabulousness in our Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity!

    Link to the Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity

    Invite Wood into your Bathroom

    There used to be a school of thought that wood and bathrooms don’t mix. However, when you install quality, purpose built bathroom storage furniture into a moisture-rich environment. There are no negative consequences to worry about. Even if the wood vanity being created is more on the rustic side.

    Our Heritage Collection takes reclaimed wood and gives it a brand new lease of life as a piece of furniture that will last you a lifetime, while building on the vintage feel by including traditional carpentry mastery. In the case of this stunning barnwood vanity, you’ll find hand carved wooden door hinges. Not metal, wood, to bolster the old world feel of the piece as a whole. The perfect finishing touch is a hand forged metal latch! This latch completes the aesthetic, without detracting from all that wonderful wood.

    Link to a Barnwood Vanity

    The Beauty of a Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity 

    Why choose a reclaimed barnwood vanity over something more contemporary? Simple. It has so much more character! This wood has already enjoyed a functional existence, with unique nail holes, cracks and saw marks to prove it. In short, no two items will ever be identical, regardless of the design or craftsman that makes it. That elevates your furniture to new heights instantly and allows your space to always be unique.

    The simplicity of our Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity allows the gorgeous material to step forward as the star of the show. A fussier design might have overshadowed the rich hue of the vintage wood! Here, however, there is no option but to stand back and enjoy the piece as a cohesive whole. Better still, there isn’t a single style of home that this would look out of place in.

    reclaimed barnwood vanity in home

    Perfect for Every Home

    Any western-style home, rustic interior design scheme or actual log cabin would make a perfect home for this beautiful vanity unit! However, don’t discount more modern homes either! In a minimalist chic bathroom, adding one piece of eye-catching dark wood furniture will help to heighten the bright finish everywhere else. You can complete the vanity with a modern sink and faucet, to balance the final aesthetic too! You choose the position of the sink and customizing your overall vanity orientation with our drop-down menus.

    Thanks to the simple look of the Heritage Collection, you can experiment with accessorizing and building a more complete home furniture set. From reclaimed wood mirrors to dressers, coffee tables and everything in between! It doesn’t make sense to keep such wonderful pieces hidden away in your bathroom alone! So, why not experiment with a wider rustic design aesthetic?

  • Rustic Fun For All Ages

    To decorate your home in a cohesive way. You need to pause for a moment and think about the bedroom furniture in your kids’ rooms. It’s all very well choosing yourself an amazing rustic bed that will stand the test of time. However, what about the younger members of the household? Don’t they deserve something stunning as well? Now, you can treat them to a rough sawn bunk bed that will be the envy of all their friends.

    link to a rough sawn bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - Antique Barnwood

    Encouraging great taste

     You might not be convinced that children will want a rustic bunk bed. However, kids aren’t just about modern technology and everything new! In fact, you might be surprised by how amenable they are to something along the lines of a barnwood bunk bed! One that looks amazing and won’t ever date, because good looking wood is timeless.

    Buying a wooden bed gives you the chance to teach your kids about sustainable, green materials. While also giving them the chance to appreciate traditional styles and American craftsmanship. Especially with this rough sawn timber frame bunk bed, as it has been designed and is built right here in the USA. Domestic product appreciation is so important, but that’s just one reason to consider investing in this gorgeous bunk bed design.

    link to the post and beam bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - Honey Amber

    Solid as a rock

    Kids have a habit of being a little less than gentle when it comes to their beds! Which is why sturdy thick wooden beams are the right choice. You’ll find no laminate or veneer here. You will only find solid cedar being put to expert use! The solid cedar will create a bed frame that you can depend on. Adding an aesthetic touch, the rough sawn finish amps up the rustic vibe, making it ideal for not only your home, but also a log cabin or rural hideaway.

    Even better is the fact that the solid wood bunk bed frame is so strong. So much so, that even adults can sleep comfortably in it as well.

    link to the post and beam bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - Weathered Gray

    Amazing value in the Rough Sawn Bunk Bed

    Given the timeless design of this open-slat, integrated-ladder bunk bed, the quality of the wood being used and the fast completion time that you can rely on. You might be wondering how the price can be so comparatively small and that answer is simple! You are buying direct from the manufacturer. We are proud of our exclusive designs and want to ensure that only the finest artisans work on them! This is why we source talented craftsmen and keep our standards high.

    With no distribution channels to account for. We can create dynamic designs that are built to last a lifetime, but offer excellent value for money as well. We also want you to have the option of buying more than one item from a collection, if you like to coordinate your furniture.

    The Sawmill Rough Sawn Timber Bunk Bed is a perfect example of the fact that safety, style and sustainability really can work together to create unrivaled furniture pieces that will last a lifetime and never go out of fashion. Even kids will appreciate that!

    Link to the rustic rough sawn bunk bed Post and Beam Bunk Bed - American Chestnut

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