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Barnwood Furniture & Details

Barnwood Sideboards

Barnwood Sideboards

Reclaimed antique barnwood boards are handcrafted into rustic sideboards and sofa tables.

Bed - Mission Barnwood_535x600

Barnwood Bedroom Furniture

Our barnwood beds are made from salvaged barn wood that is 100 to 150 years old. A piece of Americana!

Barnwood Dining Tables

Barnwood Dining Tables

We offer over 30 unique barnwood dining table design.  All tables are available in custom sizes.

Barnwood Coffee Tables

Barnwood Coffee Tables

Aged barnwood makes incredible furniture.  The distressed character adds warmth to any décor.


Barnwood Entertainment

Our barnwood entertainment centers can be made any size and layout needed.

Barnwood Dining Chairs

Barnwood Chairs

Barnwood furniture will look great in a log home, cabin, lodge, ranch or traditional home.

Barnwood End Tables

Nightstands and end tables crafted from salvaged barnwood made to your specifications.

Barnwood Benches

Barnwood Benches

Barn wood benches around the fireplace will provide comfortable seating for warm memories.

Barnwood Lighting

Barnwood Lighting

A barnwood chandelier or table lamp make the perfect rustic lighting compliment for our barnwood tables.

Barnwood Mirrors

Barnwood Mirrors

Our distressed naturally aged barnwood mirrors look great over a barnwood dresser or chest.

Barnwood Western

Barnwood Western

Barnwood furniture, coupled with hair on hide, makes beautiful south western style furniture.

Barnwood Trunk 535x600

Barnwood Miscellaneous

Rustic handcrafted barn wood furnishings will add warmth and beauty to any décor.

Our Barnwood Furniture Is The Highest Quality Available.  Read Why Below.

The antique barnwood comes from old barns taken down in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. The barns selected are between 100 to 150 years old. The naturally aged and weathered barnwood is full of inherent character. The elements, oxidation and time slowly give the barnwood its wonderful aged texture and warm patina.

There are a few furniture companies that are taking down 35 to 50 year old barns because they do not get as much scrap wood out of younger barns so it costs them less for the wood. They then try to enhance the barn wood’s look by using sandblasting and burning techniques. This process causes the barnwood to become blotchy and lose its natural tones.
We have found that the only way to ensure each piece of barnwood furniture has a soft warm luster is to use naturally aged barns. Each barnwood plank is hand selected so that the board’s patinas are similar in color. This attention to detail gives our barnwood furniture its distressed look while blending the tones. We will not compromise on quality. Woodland Creek will only offer the highest quality handcrafted barnwood furniture. All our barnwood furniture designs are available in custom sizes and custom layouts. If you do not see it, just talk with one of our customer representatives, and we will design a beautiful piece of barn wood furniture together.

For more information on what makes our barn wood furniture the highest quality available on the market see a newly posted article on our blog by clicking on this link:

We have a five step finish on our barnwood furniture. The finish is the primary difference between our line and our competitors’. Look closely at our pictures. The wood’s natural shades blend to create a rich look. This begins with first hand picking woods in the same color tones. Our finishing technique then gives the wood a soft, luster while not removing the inherent character. When you see other lines of barnwood furniture, they appear blotchy and rough – they are!  You can run your hands over our line, and it is soft to the touch. It is warm and inviting.  All case goods have solid wood drawers and heavy duty ball bearing drawer glides. This furniture is built to be passed down for generations.

Very Important – Please Read –

There is a huge difference in our tops and those of our competitors.

Our tops are an engineered tongue and groove floating wood top with a patent pending (meaning our competitors cannot copy or offer this type of top). The joinery is pocket hole screwed joinery. Beam to beam construction is done with lag screws or timber frame screws. If reclaimed wood is glued together it has a very high probability that it will crack – this is a major difference between our tops and our competitors’.

Many years ago we had problems with our tops cracking. Once we began using this type of top on our tops our problems ceased. We ship hundreds of dining tables and many hundreds more of other styles of barnwood furniture to dry climates such as Colorado, Arizona and Texas each year. We have not had an issue with our tops in over five years. The tops will adjust to the varying moisture conditions of the seasons without you even noticing.

The barnwood furniture is very low maintenance – it might be the lowest maintenance furniture on the market.  First, the wood has been slowly dried for over 100 years – no cracking or checking.  You can use pledge or a wax if desired for a soft luster.

If you get a scratch, divot, or dent in the furniture, it takes all of one minute to repair and you will not know the spot. Call us and we will give you the name of a tinted wax you can buy online. If you were to get scratches (and these do not happen easy), you simply rub it over the area and watch them disappear.

A customer called a few months back because her electrician had dropped a light fixture on a barnwood bar top. It took a nice chunk out of the table. She was really distressed over this and thought she would need a new top. After a five minute on-site service call, she could not tell the exact spot.


About Reclaimed Barnwood

Attention to Details

Top Barnwood Close Up

Barnwood Finishes

The barnwwood’s natural shades blend to create a rich look. This begins with first hand picking barnwood in the same color tones. Our finishing technique then gives the wood a soft, luster while not removing the inherent character.

handle sm

Barnwood Handles

Our competitors are using leather straps for drawer pulls. Woodland Creek’s line has solid wood drawer pulls. Just one of several quality differences between our line of barnwood furniture and our competitors’.


Barnwood Inlays

We pride ourselves in taking the rough hewn wood and working it together to create a beautiful piece of art that can be handed down through the ages.  Our inlays and hand joinery are second to none.  Each piece of wood is cut to precise dimensions and hand worked to perfection.

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