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Antler Collection Details

The Antler Collection features rustic  or lodge style furniture made with naturally shed deer, elk and moose antlers.  The pairing of antlers and wood in rustic furniture is a natural combination and has been around since the inception of rustic furniture.  Antlers bring the rugged outdoors into your home.  Antlers create a connection to the majestic wildlife we admire through our binoculars or rifle scope.

Our skilled artisans search through hundreds of antlers to locate the perfect antler with the right shape character for the right project.  Woodland Creek has a proprietary way of clean, repairing and finishing the antlers.  The natural character is enhanced through this process, and this small attention to detail stands out in the finished piece of rustic furniture.

Our artisans are constantly finding new ways to use antlers in our designs.  One seasoned artisan recently developed a antler rocker.  It is going to be hard to find the right adjectives to describe this incredible piece.  Succinctly, it is stunning.  Photos will be posted soon.

Whether you are furnishing a cabin, log home or lodge, you cannot go wrong with antler furniture.  Our furniture designs help create a truly unique rustic ambiance.

About Woodland Creek & The Antler Collection



Antler Furniture Materials

Only grade A, naturally shed deer, moose, and elk antlers are used in our antler furniture designs.  You may specify your preference for species of antler and most designs can be made with any of the three choices.


Antler Furniture Furnishes

Woodland Creek Furniture has a proprietary way of repairing naturally shed antlers.  This process enhances the natural characteristics of each antler.  We then apply three coats of finish to seal the antler’s beauty.


Antler Furniture Aesthetics

Our artisans use barnwood, redwood, and other exotic woods in combination with the antlers.  The photos in this collection speak for themselves.  Each antler design becomes functional art and will become the focal point of any home.

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