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Rustic Décor Tips for Your Living Room

Looking to Add Some Flair to Your Rustic Living Room? Try these tips and tricks from Gayle Dabrowski Natural accents provide a down to earth atmosphere for your home. The organic look of wood, plants, and materials used in home décor softens the overall look of a room. Many homeowners are choosing to add elements of rustic décor into their homes making this a style that is highly sought after. Consider these rustic décor tips for your living room to change the look of your home: The Older, the Better A large part of rustic décor involves the placement of old items even if they aren’t that old at all. You’ll find homeowners who have antiques or things that have seen their fair share of use, but you can also add in items that look old without being old. Consider different techniques of staining and distressing that can make even the newest addition look like it has been there for decades. Choose home accents from flea markets and garage sales that are dented, scuffed, or patinaed to pull together a rustic theme easily. Go Neutral One of the main parts of rustic décor includes a neutral and muted color scheme. Many rustic living rooms will feature shades of beige and brown that are commonly found in nature. Touches of brighter accent colors can be added but should be used sparingly to not draw too much attention. Some homeowners may view neutral colors as very limited, but there is a wide range of shades that you can utilize to create plenty of interest within a room still. Add Touches of Wood The look of wood in a room provides a natural elegance that fits in with almost [...]

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