Renaissance Furniture Collection Details

The Renaissance Furniture Collection features spalted, colorful woods given new life through bold contrast.

The artisans of Woodland Creek first start with beautiful spalted wood. Spalted wood is highly prized wood by many woodworkers as it has magnificent color and character. Spalted wood usually contains sporadic dark lines that create wild, irregular patterns throughout the wood. We call it God’s artwork as each piece of wood is truly art created by our Creator. This beautiful artistic wood is then boldly contrasted with modern black cabinetry and modern linear designs.

This collection is proudly made by the woodworkers of Woodland Creek. We look forward to the day that a customer asks us to build a beautiful custom kitchen in in this style. Need a vanity, sideboard, console or coffee table in this style? Just determine the size, and the artisans of Woodland Creek Furniture will handcraft you a beautiful piece of furniture.

If you are ever in northern Michigan, we invite you to visit our workshop and see the incredible inventory of beautiful domestic and imported woods as well as see the artisans in action creating beautiful handcrafted furniture.

About Woodland Creek Furniture


Renaissance Materials

Renaissance Collection Materials

Beautiful spalted woods with erratic dark lines are selected for their random artistic character.  The species we use are often pecan or maple as these woods are prone to spalting.

Renaissance Finishes

Renaissance Collection Aesthetics

By contrasting these lighter woods with black, linear cabinetry it makes the wood’s artistic character “pop” and stand out.  Spalted woods can also be stained a variety of colors.

Renaissance Aesthetics

Renaissance Collection Finishes

The cabinetry can be accented with any type of door or drawer pulls.   Stainless steel takes the furniture designs into a modern setting.  Wood handles would soften into a traditional décor.