Cottage Furniture Collection Details

Woodland Creek is located in beautiful northwest region of Michigan. We are surrounded by a plethora of inland lakes,  We also have Lake Michigan with all the wonderful bays.  There are many styles of cottages here in northern Michigan. Some resemble the cottages of the east coast; others favor the waterfront homes of Florida and other gulf states.  This diversity in architecture demands diversity in home décor.

Woodland Creek’s Cottage Collection has a wide variety of furniture designs ALL available in a myriad of colors and varying levels of distressing  When study the cottage furniture designs be aware that by changing the color from a bright pastel to a muted earth tone with light or heavy distressing, the furniture will take on a new life.

We will be adding over 1,000 furniture designs to this collection in the next few months. Be sure to check back on us.

About Woodland Creek Furniture


Cottage Materials

Cottage Collection Materials

The Cottage Collection furniture is made from a variety of solid woods.  All woods are either reclaimed wood or sustainable species of wood.

Cottage  Finishes

Cottage Collection Finishes

You can select from over 50 color option and request no distressing, light distressing or heavy distressing.  Custom furniture is our specialty.

Cottage Aesthetics

Cottage Collection Aesthetics

We call this collection “Cottage”, but by changing colors and the amount of distressing, the furniture can be colorful cottage or subtle rustic.