Contemporary Classic Details

The Contemporary Classic Collection marries live edge slabs of wood with modern furniture designs.   We have other collection that showcase rustic meeting modern, but this collection is distinct in design.

This collection uses natural edge, solid slabs of wood often suspended as if floating above the sideboard or console table.  In reality it is supported by stainless steel or wood, but only in key areas so the design is “open and flowing”.  This is a new collection for Woodland Creek so if you do not see a desired layout, please know that you have found the guys that make it.  We can build any layout you need including kitchen cabinets and bath vanities in any of these styles.

We also show several designs with natural tree bark panels.  Our artisans have found a way to harvest, dry and stabilize natural tree bark.  This adds a beautiful organic feel to the design.  You can now bring in a hint of nature to warm you home.   You can substitute any door panel for a contrasting wood color or a plethora of metal options.

We will be adding many more designs to this collection.  We would be honored to build you a unique piece of contemporary classic furniture.

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Contemporary Classic Materials

Most designs in this collection are shown in black walnut.  You can requests these design in many other species and virtually any color you desire.

Contemporary Classic Finishes

If a certain color is desired, we can build these designs in a light color, neutral wood species and then stain it to match the desired color.  We have our own expert finishers on staff.

Contemporary Classic Hardware

The choices for hardware are limitless.  These prototype designs are shown primarily with stainless steel hardware, but we can provide you with a myriad of choices.